Matt Goddard - Brighton Photographer

Matt is a Seascape & Landscape Photographer based on the Sussex Coast, Brighton.

Growing up by the sea, and spending much time on, in and around it, has forged an interest in exploring the wonderful coastal city of Brighton, the Sussex shores, and of course the stunning countryside so nearby.

The creative outlet of photography was discovered after being bought a camera for his 21st Birthday. But, it’s only in the last 2 years that Photography has moved from a passionate hobby to something more.

“My 15 year career in IT needed re-assessing following long-term health problems – specifically a diagnosis of Crohn’s.

Everyday life has been very difficult and I’d like to be out with my camera more often, but those times when I head out I’m afforded not only the happiness that outside brings but also escapism by removing all distractions and allowing myself to be swept along in the moment. That’s perhaps also the reason I get water in my wellies a bit too often!”

Matt also offers Personalised one to one classes to budding Photographers.

Popular Galleries

Pop-Up Gallery | Fri-Sun 12-5pm
36 Church St | Brighton | BN1 1RL

Office Address:
4 Aymer Rd | Hove | BN3 4GA

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