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Seascape photography is a form of landscape photography where the coast and sea are the main subject matter. Think spectacular views across the sea and the ever changing conditions found by the water’s edge. A seascape photo can contain man-made elements but often it’s nature that takes centre stage.

Cloud fronts meeting land add a little mystery over what may unfold. How will the light change as it hits the horizon, foreshore and the expanse inbetween?

It’s hard to beat an exhilarating coastal walk come rain, shine, or somewhere in-between… and it would be rude not to take a camera for a spot of seascape photography! The south coast provides a varied and ever changing seascape… and of course weather to match.


The coast often demonstrates the power of nature through its stormy seas; unforgiving, mighty and able to provide an unparalleled perspective.

Even in rough conditions the creative journey of photography allows one’s style to bring forth certain attributes – accentuating and diminishing elements to reach a cohesive whole within the scene – similar to how a landscape painter might. Matt examines the sea looking for peace and serenity within the scene before creatively working to give these qualities centre stage.


The stars of the Sussex coast are the chalky white cliffs at Beachy Head, Birling Gap and Seven Sisters. Putting the thought of pebbled beaches to one side Рbeautiful sandy beaches can be found with sand dunes to explore at West Wittering (Chichester) Camber Sands (Rye), and Littlehampton.

Occasional relics from times gone by add their own historical and characterful interests, such as; the West Pier at Brighton, worn sea groynes that are ancient in appearance, and even WW2 remnants .

No two visits are ever the same. On one outing the camera stays in the bag… but the next may reward with a view that can’t help but stir the soul and fire creativity!