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All cameras offer the ability to ‘point and shoot’, and that’s great for getting started. But… most users will never move beyond the basics and unlock the full potential of their camera and, more importantly, their personal creativity that’s waiting to escape.

Join me for one to one personalised photography tuition that can quickly move you from auto mode to “oh my did I take that?!” mode. Photography Tuition is available in the Brighton area and around Sussex for just £35 /hour. 


Suggested Beginner’s lessons 

Lesson 1 – Understanding the fundamentals of aperture, shutter speed and ISO

The essentials required to take creative control and move away from Auto Mode. Understand how, when and where to use the various settings for traditional or creative use. Lesson 1 starts with a learning session followed by getting out there to put it all into practise with full guidance and support.

Lesson 2 – Exposure & working with natural light

Discover how your camera decides how bright or dark to make each photo, what conditions to look out for that often fool the camera and how to easily take control for the best results. Attain maximum creative control and improved quality of capture images.

We will cover Histograms, White Balance, and RAW vs JPEG as key elements that will significantly aid your understanding and progression. The lesson is again split between initial learning then enjoying time behind the lens to help the theories sink in.

Lesson 3 – Photo Edits

We’ll look at how to get the best from your captured images with modest editing in Adobe Lightroom. The concepts from the previous lessons and new editing skills will give you skills required to produce images that shine and develop your own style.

The lesson can be extended to include photo printing at home or via external print services – in particular how to ensure the print will reflect what you see on screen. This session will be based behind a laptop and you’ll be encouraged to bring your own images to edit together.

Lesson 4 – Composition & Advanced Techniques

Why can two photographs of the same thing vary so wildly? Composition for some can be considered a formulaic science, black magic, a subtle art, or all of the above!

Understand how to best present your subject and truly consider what you see before taking that photo. The use of a Polarising filter, tripod and ND filters will be covered to further enhance your images and will offer new creative options such as long exposures.

Want to be asking...

“Wow. Did I take that photo?!”

Photography Tuition
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